Songs & Tales from the Cattle Trail
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Songs & Tales from the Cattle Trail

( Texanna Records )

Fathers of Texas Series

Camp Cookie & Cow Camp Review

Songs & Tales from the Cattle Trail

  1. Texas Tale - Fairy Tale
  2. Howdy Ol Pard
  3. Camp Cookie
  4. The Uncivil War
  5. The Union Mare - Confederate Grey
  6. Dixie
  7. Following the Civil War
  8. Goodnight Living Trail
  9. Story of Cattle Drives beginning
  10. Git along little doggies
  11. Tale of the Texas Cowboy
  12. Texas River Song
  13. Post Civil war, railheads in Kansas
  14. Cookin for them cowboys
  15. Wake up Jacob
  16. Come and get it
  17. The Ol Chisholm Trail Tale
  18. Ol Chisholm Trail
  19. Tale of Little Joe
  20. Little Joe the Wrangler
  21. Tale of riding night herd
  22. Night herding song
  23. Tail of the girl cookie left behind
  24. The girl I left behind me
  25. Kid Colby intro to the yellow rose of Texas
  26. tale of the red river valley
  27. Song - red river valley
  28. I'd like to be in Texas for the roundup in the spring
  29. Tale of end of the trail
  30. I'm going to leave ol Texas
  31. Cowboys Dream
  32. Boomer Johnson

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